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Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

United States Congress House Representative

“Visited with The Friendship Circle: teams teen volunteers with special needs kids. Great Miami program. So many good people making a difference every day!”

Tracey Berkowitz


“The Friendship Circle is a unique charity that focuses on social enrichment for children who ordinarily don’t get the opportunity to spend time with other teens.”

Dr. Trevor Resnick MD

Chief, Department of Neurology, Miami Children’s Hospital,
Medical Professional

“The Friendship circle provides the opportunity for children with special needs to spend quality time with “community children”. The relationships built are at a much deeper core level than between adults and special needs children. This is an important part of the therapeutic process for these children because it opens windows for further developmental progress that would otherwise not necessarily occur.”

Shelly Sinclair

Friendship Circle past president, 6th year volunteer

"The Friendship Circle has given me perspective and taught me how to be a better friend and a compassionate person."

Yael Amozeg

Friendship Circle past president, 4th year volunteer

"As a result of volunteering I have become a more responsible, open minded individual. I am so grateful for the relationships I've made and will keep the lessons I've learned even after leaving the Friendship Circle."

Chad Girnun

Friendship Circle past president, 6th year volunteer

"Friendship circle is a place where I really saw myself grow. After 6 years I was able to make an impact in others lives and learn how to be a better person through doing so."

Danielle Guenther

Friendship Circle past president, 6th year volunteer

"Over the years Friendship circle has become more than just a volunteer opportunity, it has become a place where I have learned to accept, bring joy, and provide a safe and fun environment for those who may not be able to obtain these things in daily life."

Michele Kaplan


“For the past four years, the Friendship Circle has been a central part of our family. Since our son Matthew was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome at two years old, his Friendship Circle friends have been there every week without fail to be his friend. They never judged him for being different, always just wanting to be his friend. Through the teen’s dedication, patience, and love, they have taught our entire family that there will always be a place where Matthew will be accepted just as he is.”


Special Friend

“Friendship Circle ROCKS!”

Samantha Katz

Friendship Circle past president, 6th year volunteer

"The Friendship Circle has made such a positive impact on my life in so many ways and I will forever be so thankful. The program has shaped me to become a more compassionate, open-minded, and patient individual, and it has introduced me to life-long friends. I love the Friendship Circle!!!"

Matthew Solomon

Friendship Circle president, 5th year volunteer

"Friendship Circle has taught me a whole new way of interacting with people—with understanding, patience, and compassion. It has given me the resources to help others who have faced adversity in their lives."

Hanna Buchwald

Friendship Circle president, 5th year volunteer

"The Friendship Circle has impacted my life in many ways. One including when I become close with a little boy named Robert. Spending Sunday’s with him, for the fifth year now, has impacted me in a way no other thing has; through experience, love, and most importantly friendship."

Maya Lebowitz

Friendship Circle past president, 3rd year volunteer

“Because of the Friendship circle, I feel that I can develop deep personal connections with those around me, as well as a greater ability to communicate."

Liat Sinclair

Friendship Circle president, 5th year volunteer

"Friendship Circle has inspired me to make everyone feel accepted and has taught me that our differences are what makes us unique and brings us together."