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The Future of Our Friendship Circle is One Champion Away...

The Friendship Circle of Miami Champion Circle program is a distinguished initiative designed to recognize and engage our new and current dedicated supporters who would like to be involved in advancing our mission. Members of the Champion Circle are individuals that demonstrate exceptional commitment through their generous financial contribution of $5,000 to join the circle, which can also include, as interested, volunteer efforts and advocacy. This program not only honors their vital role in fostering an inclusive and supportive community for individuals with special needs but also provides them with unique opportunities to directly impact and shape the future of our programs. By joining the Champion Circle, supporters become integral partners in our journey, helping to expand our reach, enhance our services, and create lasting, positive change in the lives of our participants and their families.

Alain Aragon
Alison Simon
Ana Sugden
Angel Pardo
Audrey Phillips
Barry Lapides
Brett Rosen
Cary Lopez
Christine Betancourt Eminhizer
Claudia Potamkin
Esther Nuhfer
Gerald Biondo
Gerardo Castillo
Guillermo Perez-Iturbe
Heather Utset
Inaki Perez-Itrube
Iva Ravindran
Jason Russell Eckert
Jeffrey Roberts
Jennifer Aragon
Judd Rosen
Kim Rollnick
Lee Milam
Libby Navarrete
Lisa Goldberg
Lisa Thomas
Lucia Zelman
Luz Espona Perez-Itrube
Maite Perez-Itrube

Matthew Connolly
Maxine Roberts
Max Milam
Melissa Cruz
Michael Gordon
Mitchell Phillips
Monica Cantera-Serralta
Nechama Harlig
Nellie Perez
Pedro Harth
Ramon Malca
Rebecca Klein
Richard Zelman
Robert Josefsberg
Roe Stamps
Rolando Rodriguez
Rossana Arteaga-Gomez
Rudy Touzet
Sharon Silver
Shelly Brodie
Silvia Carolina Mata
Stacey Margulies
Susan Malca
Terry Reyes
Tony Rodriguez
Tracey Berkowitz
Vance Aloupis
Vivian Williams