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Inclusion, Acceptance, and Friendship

for People of All Abilities

Located in the heart of South Dade and supporting families throughout Miami, the Friendship Circle of Miami’s mission is to provide friendship and acceptance to individuals who have special needs, provide respite to their families, and to empower teenagers.


Our Organization

We are dedicated to providing support and inclusion for individuals with special needs and disabilities, fostering meaningful friendships, and creating various programs and activities to enrich the lives of these individuals and their families. We aim to promote an inclusive community where everyone feels valued, accepted, and empowered.

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Recreational programs that are fun and exciting!


Hours of fun and friendship for kids


Hours of friendship and support provided by our volunteers

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Our Programs

Our programs seek to break down barriers and promote meaningful connections between neurodiverse individuals and their typically developing peers. Through structured activities and facilitated interactions, Friendship Circle strives to promote empathy, understanding, and lasting friendships, ultimately enriching the lives of all participants involved.

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Volunteering for Friendship Circle is an incredibly rewarding experience that holds the power to transform lives. By dedicating your time and energy, you become an integral part of creating a more inclusive and compassionate community for individuals with special needs. Your involvement not only offers invaluable support and companionship to our participants but also promotes empathy, understanding, and personal growth, leaving a lasting positive impact on their lives and yours.

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Friendship Campus

We are expanding our programs to our newly 20,000 sqft Friendship Campus to meet the growing demand for inclusive and specialized services for individuals with special needs. The larger space allows for the development of a diverse range of programs, workshops, and recreational activities that can accommodate a broader spectrum of needs and interests. Additionally, the expanded campus will enable Friendship Circle to enhance its capacity for personalized care, ensuring that more individuals can access the vital support they require.

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Signature Events

Stay informed of all the exciting events lined up for the upcoming year. By staying up to date, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of enriching experiences and activities that promise to be a lot of fun!


March 10th, 2024


Come join hands to walk, roll, or stroll side by side, fostering meaningful connections and breaking down barriers.

9700 South Dixie Highway,
Suite 100, Miami, FL 33156

305 Autism Awareness Ride

April 21, 2024

9:30 AM

Motorcycles, Slingshots, Jeeps, and Trucks unite in Miami for a cause to bring awareness and acceptance for our loved ones with Autism and other disabilities!

Petersons Harley Davidson South to Miami Brewing Company at Schnebly Winery

Continuing Education Course

August 2, 2024


This course highlights the importance of assessing reflexes, motor skills, and sensory differences to create an effective treatment plan.

9700 South Dixie Highway, Ste 100
Miami, FL 33156