Young Ambassadors

The Young Ambassadors purpose is to advance the mission of the Friendship Circle through advocacy, outreach, fundraising, relationships, volunteering and stewardship. The group is composed exclusively of young people who have been a part of and/or benefited from the Friendship Circle’s programs.

Participating teens engage with local government and civic organizations, sponsors, board members and other community leaders in order to enable them to mobilize their community towards positive change.

The Ambassadors seek to build an understanding of the special needs community, to increase the members’ leadership skills, and to develop a commitment to service.

Young Ambassadors In The News

April 11, 2021 • Young Ambassadors Visit Milam's Markets

Read our Young Ambassadors' Bios below


I started at Friendship Circle when I was 5 years old. I am 14 now and I have grown to love the program as my home away from home.

What I like the most about Friendship Circle is spending time with the volunteers, seeing my friends, and the many activities offered. My favorites are CTT, art, and band. I also love sports circle!

When I grow up, I want to become a volunteer at Friendship Circle! I want to be an Occupational Therapist and a teacher. As a Young Ambassador, I want to reach out to the community and tell everyone what a wonderful program this is. My favorite activities are karate, yoga, and soccer. Spending time with my friends and volunteers is what I like the most!!

About joining Friendship Circle, I want to say: “Hey guys! How would you like to join in? It’s a great program and you will have SO much fun with friends!”


Hi there, my name is Ellie. I am 17 years old, have lived in Miami my whole life, and have three awesome brothers. I am very friendly and outgoing. I love to dance and hang out with my friends and I really enjoy Friendship Circle. I am also very excited about serving as a Young Ambassador!

I like so many things about Friendship Circle that it’s hard to know where to start. I think what I like most is the Friends at Home program. Through that program, I have made some really great friends. About five years ago, I was paired with two girls who would come to my house every week to hang out, bake, play games, jump on the trampoline, swim, talk about boys, or just do whatever we wanted to do that was fun. Their names are Abby and Zoe. They graduated high school last year and moved on to college so I don’t see them nearly as much, but I do keep in touch with them via text and FaceTime.

Now that Abby & Zoe are gone, I have two new friends this year - Vicky & Mia. It’s kind of hard during COVID but I have seen them a few times at my house, outside with masks on. We have some really big yard dice and I like to beat them at Yahtzee! I am really happy to have them and as soon as it’s safe again, I know we will become close friends like I was with Abby & Zoe.

I also attend teen scene on Sundays, and it is really fun. We always do so many different activities and I see so many friends there. I liked it so much that I told a lot of my friends at school about Friendship Circle and now they go too.

I am really excited to become a Young Ambassador for Friendship Circle because I have enjoyed FC so much. I am glad to be able to tell other people how amazing it is so they can get involved too.


I'm twenty years old now, but I have been with the Friendship Circle since I was around 8 or 9 when my mom signed me up for Sports Circle. I wanted to play softball really bad but my mom could not find a program that was appropriate for me until she found the Friendship Circle. After that I have been going to the Sunday drop off for many years. A little about me: I love music, dancing and the Heat. I used to swim with the Special Olympics but right now we can’t because of COVID. I hope that starts again soon. I love Disney and when I grow up I want to work there. Maybe to work on one of the rides, maybe Soarin, or be a cook at one of their restaurants. That’s my dream. I love the Friendship Circle! Sunday morning there I play basketball, do yoga, dance and soccer. And also, I get to see old friends and make new ones! I’m so glad that I am one of the Friendship Circle ambassadors and can tell everyone how fantastic it is