Rabbi Yossi Harlig and Nechama Harligh established The Chabad of Kendall/Pinecrest in 1995 and have since provided the community with rich, dynamic programs and services. One of the Chabad’s outreach efforts is Friendship Circle, a program that promotes friendships between people with and without special needs. This non-sectarian program is an embodiment of a central tenet of the Chabad: that every individual should be valued, respected, and included in society.

The development of our new campus will be a joint effort between The Chabad and Friendship Circle, with each organization raising its respective share. Please join us as we build a home for the future!

Message from our Founders 

In 2004 when we established the Friendship Circle here in Miami, we could never have imagined how many lives we would touch!
We could never have predicted how many children, teens and adults with special needs would experience friendship in a way they never have before!

Neither could we have imagined the community it would create and the bonds which would form between hundreds and hundreds of children and teens with special needs and their teen volunteers!

The Friendship Circle has become synonymous with acceptance, warmth, love, friendship and most of all HOME!
What keep us going is our dream of impacting even more children, teens and adults with special needs! What motivates us is our dream of spreading the message of inclusion and acceptance! And most of all what keeps “our fire” burning  is our dream to create a home away from home, a vibrant, loving center where every kid feels accepted.

We hope you will join us in efforts to build our Community Center, and make a dream come true for thousands of families.

Donor Tablet Opportunities

All dedications will be honored on a distinctive Tribute Wall.

Patrons Circle - $1,000,000+

Visionaries Circle  - $500,000 to $999.999

Circle of Enrichment -  $249,000 to $499,999

Circle of Passion - $100,000 to $249,999

Circle of Healing - $50,000 to $99,999

Circle of Hope - $25.000 to $49,999

Champions Circle - $5,000


Dedication Opportunities

Friendship Campus Naming Dedication - $2,500,000

Building A - Activities Complex - $1,000,000

Building B - Learning Center - $1,000,000

Bimah Torah Stand - $18,000 Taken

Rabbi’s Office - $36,000

Nechama’s Office - $36,000


Activities Complex Dedication Opportunities

Sensory & Multi-Purpose Room - $200,000

Volunteer Lounge - $100,000

Arl Room - $100.000

Life Skills Room - $100,000

Snoezelen Room - $100,000

Music: Studio - $100.000

Therapy/Infant Rooms - $100,000

Pre-School Rooms (2) - $50.000

Accessible Playground - $50.000


Learning Center Dedication Opportunities

Auditorium/Sanctuary - $500.000

Social Hall - $500,000

Grand Lobby & Atrium - $250,000

Daily Chapel - $100,000

Parent Lounge - $100,000

Commercial Kitchen - $100,000

Office Suite - $100,000

Grand Donor Wall - $75,000

Library/Conference Center - $75,000

Classrooms A & B - $50.000


Program Dedication Opportunities

Friends @ Home - $250,000

Adult Circle, Friendship Circle Band. Sports Circle - $200,000

Children's Circle; Teen and Tween Scene; Summer/Winter Camp; No School Fun Days; Art Circle; Family Fun Days; Life Skills; Kulanu Circle; Equestrian Circle: Parent Lectures - $100.000

Annual Walk-a-Thon Named Sponsorship - $50,000



To Discuss Latest Available Dedication Opportunities

Contact: Rabbi Yossi Harlig
Phone: (305) 234-5654
Email: rebyossi@frienshipcirclemiami.org