Friendship Circle Band

Participants and their volunteers along with the guidance of music therapists, will participate in a program that will give them the opportunity to be exposed to various instruments such as the ukulele and drums. Each friend will use an instrument to play at each class, and with the help of their volunteer, will learn to play songs and sing-a-long, all the while having a great time and building lasting memories with their friends!

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Program Info:

Time: 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm

Dates:  Wednesday

Session: September 23, 2020 - May 19, 2021

Location: Friendship Circle, 8700 SW 112th St., Miami, FL 33176

Ages: Children 7 and up

 Free of charge, space is limited. If your child misses more than 3 classes, we reserve the right to give their spot to another child.


This program is set up by the Program Manager and is based on the specific needs of each family. 

For more information, 305-234-5654 x 14 or email [email protected] 

To register your child for the Friendship Circle Band,  CLICK HERE

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